Fans and ventilation systems

Special products

Scrubbers, strippers, droplet separators

Plastic welded storage tanks

Biofilters, activated carbon filtres

Installations for industrial and drinking water treatment and preparation

Our company was founded in the year 2000 under the name VENTACID. In the year 2007 we became a part of the well known french Europe Environnement Group a world leader in treatment of corrosive and odourous gas emissions.

In 2013 we joined the Belgian John Ockerill Group. Belonging to the John Cockerill Group means having a common visual identity, which means a new logo which proclaims loud and clear our ownership: the name Ventacid Hungaria from 1st of January 2017 became CMI Environment Hungary.

This change of visual identity is part of a group logic and furthermore we wish that our name indicates our commitment to protecting the environment to which we contribute by our water treatment and air treatment installations

CMI Environment Hungary works on the industrial-environmental field and offers you its capacity and know-how for manufacturing plastic welded tanks; air ducts; plastic pipe systems, turn-key installations for treatment of corrosive and odorous air as well water treatment installations.

Scope of activities
Turn-key installations in corrosive gas and odour control

We can offer you ventilation systems and 3 main methods of the air treatment:

– Physical-chemical treatment: (Gas Scrubbers)

– Installations by biological treatment: Biofilters

– Installations based on adsorbtion : Activated carbon filters for air

Different methods of industrial water treatment especially water softeners:
– Ion exchangers

– Reverse Osmosis installations

– Activated carbon filters for water

During our history we worked a lot for the western european market, wher the quality of our products was accepted in the industrial field and as well on the public market.

Row materials used for our products
The manufacturing of our tailor made plastic welded installations is based on polypropylen (PPH), polyethylen (PE-HD), PVC , PVDF, if needed as well ATEX quality PPS-EL és PE-EL materials.. The components of our water treatment installations are purchased from well known european manufacturers.

Your advantages if you work with us
-Certification regarding thermoplastic activity

-ISO 9001 certificate

-More than 30 years’ experience of our professionals

-Habit of working with companies from Western Europe

-Plastic weldings conform “DVS” normatives

-Hundreds of international references

Benefit from us in Romania!
You can use us for your markets in Eastern Europe, for example in Romania.

– we are at a very favorable distance from Romania and we speak the language!